Jade Stone Vaginal Yoni Egg
Jade Stone Vaginal Yoni Egg Pack
Jade Stone Vaginal Yoni Egg Strengthening
Jade Stone Vaginal Yoni Egg with String


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      Nephrite Jade – Communicates with the Heart chakra. The Jade egg helps connect our heart with our passion (second chakra and yoni). Nephrite jade energetically balances the water of the body and therefore is beneficial for the health of the entire organism, and especially for the kidneys and female reproductive system. It is a very grounding, calming, balancing and protective stone that promotes self love and well being.

      Choosing a Yoni Egg

      Today, yoni eggs are becoming more widely used in Western societies as many people believe yoni eggs;

      • Bring about calm and increase spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awareness
      • Balance emotions
      • Remove trauma stored in the womb
      • Massages the reflexology points in the vaginal wall
      • Increase vaginal lubrication
      • Strengthens pelvic floor muscles and tightens and tone vaginal walls
      • Increase sensitivity and enhance sexual pleasure
      • Reduce sagging of the uterus, rectum and bladder
      • Reduce PMS symptoms such as cramping and abdominal pain during the menstruation 

      Package Includes

      3 x Yoni Egg - 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small