Reusable Organic Bamboo Sanitary Pad
Reusable Organic Bamboo Sanitary Pad 5pcs Pack

    5pcs Organic Bamboo Sanitary Pad

    $29.99 $49.99

      These environmentally friendly and cost-effective pads are just what you have been looking for. Our Organic Bamboo Sanitary Pads were made with ease of use at mind, easy to change and store away, simple to wash and super sanitary!

      These pads are certified organic and come with a 100% organic bamboo fibre top layer, internal cotton layers and an external waterproof coating. 

      Why bamboo you might ask? Simple! Bamboo is a wonder fibre, not only is it the fastest growing plant of the planet ( which makes it very sustainable ), it is naturally deodorising and naturally anti-bacterial so there is no need for harsh bleaching chemicals or pesticides!

      The easy to use with wings to snap underneath your underwear and stay in place. This construct is designed to prevent leakage.


      Small     - 18cm - Great for light flow and active women
      Medium - 25cm - Great for work, larger absorbency, less changing required
      Large     - 33cm - Overnight flow, Maximum absorbency, One pad will last all night

      All sizes come with 5 Organic Bamboo Sanitary Pad