Period Underwear: Do They Work?

Period Underwear: Do They Work?

I’ve been an environmentalist for as long as I can remember. Even as a young girl, I pondered over the changing dynamics of our climate, so it didn’t come as a surprise to me when I decided to opt for natural period products. I had always wished that there was more I could have done for the environment, so imagine my excitement when I finally decided to bring about a change. 

The conventional sanitary products use plastic as the main component, and it’s even worse with pads, which are 90% plastic. When I came to know that an average user disposes 16,800 period products in their lifetime, I was determined not to become a part of that statistic. And that’s why I chose eco friendly period products. Though there are many options available, I realized the most comfortable one for me is the period underwear hands down.


Most people I know are really concerned about the absorbing capacity of the product. I was also concerned about the same thing, but I’m glad to say that the feeling of being unsure is long gone. Like conventional sanitary products, USA period underwear also has a variety of absorbing abilities to fit the need of the user. They come in different absorbency, which is a blessing for me since I experience heavy flow during the first 3 days. The larger the gusset, the heavier the flow your period underwear can manage.       


The most important criteria for me was definitely comfort, so I wanted something that provided peace of mind. I knew I couldn’t function with the thought of leaks and stains badgering me all day long, and so imagine my relief when I first tried on period underwear. The fear of facing embarrassment was soon gone as I experienced the relief.  

Easy to Clean

The best part about period underwear is how easy they are to clean. Nobody has the time and the stomach to scrub away bloodstains from period underwear, so I was pleasantly surprised with my first experience. There are many ways to go about the job, but I prefer to wash them with cold water before putting them in the machine. Remember to check if your brand is machine washable or not.  

Fits Like a Normal Underwear

Let me be honest and tell you that before I tried period underwear, I always imagined that it would feel a bit like a child’s diaper. I feel no shame in admitting that I was wrong, thankfully! Period underwear fits like normal underwear, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting it all day long.

Parting Thought

The reduced carbon footprint is what initially attracted me to these eco friendly period products, but I’m glad to say that I got so much more than I had bargained for.


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