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    Anti-Moon Cramper

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      Say 'goodbye' to costly pain medications, bulky hot water bottles, and waiting for pain to subside!

      With our Anti-Moon Cramper, you’ll experience instant relief without the side effects and restrictions of traditional pain management solutions.

      The technology behind the Anti-Moon Cramper is based on the 'Gate Control Theory', which states that non-painful signals close the gate to painful signals – blocking the sensation of pain before it’s even felt. In other words, our Anti-Moon Cramper sends stimulating pulses from the surface of the skin to the nerve strands, preventing pain signals from reaching the brain. Even better, its compact and comfortable design allows for instant relief that moves with you. Take that, cramps!

      The compact and discreet design allows for you to use the Anti-Moon Cramper wherever you please, Work, Travelling and of course at home! 


      Item includes:

      • Anti-Moon Cramper device
      • 1 pair of Pulse Pads