Why we love bamboo undies

by Gracie B - Your Moon Time Ambassador on January 15, 2020

You may have noticed the craze for bamboo fibres. People are turning to bamboo bed sheets, pillows, clothing and now, period undies, and for some pretty good reasons. Your Moon Time bamboo period undies are here now and we are more than stoked to share this amazing textile with you all! There are so many reasons why we love bamboo, and know you will too.   

Benefits of bamboo 

Bamboo has been used for centuries in China - for construction, textiles, food and medicinal qualities. It is known as an ‘eco crop’ due to its sustainable harvesting process and natural production. Because of its softness and gentle feeling, bamboo fibre is the best when it comes to people with sensitive skin or allergies. Bamboo is also very breathable and absorbent, with thermo-regulating properties to help keep you cool in a hot, sweaty summer and warm and cosy during winter. 

Why sustainable

Bamboo is a fast growing grass that requires no fertiliser and self- regulates from its own roots, which means it doesn't need to be replanted and also produces more oxygen than trees! 

To turn bamboo into fabric, the bamboo fibres are combed out and turned into thread through a spinning technique. Bamboo fibers are known for their strength, which essentially means this fabric is durable and made to last. Your Moon Time bamboo period undies come in biodegradable packaging, to eventually break down back into the earth. 

Even better than cotton

Cotton cultivation uses tons of water and often nasty pesticides are used to grow the crops. Certain bamboo material is even softer than high thread count cotton - feeling even better on your behind. Bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton, what could be better for a sustainable period product? It is also naturally antibacterial, which means it fights off odors that cotton holds in. 

Tried and tested 

I’ve had a chance to test the new bamboo undies, and I can confidently say that they are very soft and flexible, allowing you to either downward dog or nap in comfort. I wear mine under skinny jeans with no self-consciousness and I know they will not let me down with any leakage, as they can hold up to four tampons worth of blood.  You just feel relaxed putting these undies on, whether you are hanging around the house or out and about all day. 

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by Amanda Coates on March 24, 2020

I write an eco/green blog and would love to give these a try to review for my audience!

by Deloris on January 24, 2020

Please make boy short period underwear, bamboo is fine. Quick! There is a massive market for those, I bought a pair from another company and didn’t love them. Please make some so I can continue buying from you. Cheers!