Why Period Products Should Be Provided Free At School In Girls’ Bathrooms

by Gracie B - Your Moon Time Ambassador on April 16, 2019

Period poverty is a reality, but unfortunately, not much is being done to tackle the issue!

There is a large group of women who have to go without sanitary products. Since they don’t have access to sanitary products, it’s difficult for them to manage their menstruation.  All through my school and college years, I came across a hand full of girls who had to go through this problem, facing shame and stigma along the way. Their troubles may have been greater than a pad or tampon, but getting these elements free of cost would have played a great role in alleviating their menstruating crisis.

Unfortunately, period poverty is a topic that hasn’t gained much traction, and there are still many women who lack the necessary elements. Is it too much to have sanitary products in school/college bathrooms?

I researched the subject and found that there are only 3 states in the USA that require schools to provide menstrual products for free. The inconvenience that women have to face is taken too lightly. I’ve had friends who had to run all over campus just to locate a tampon from the nurse or to ask another student. Of course, they often had to opt out of lectures and face the stigma attached to it all.

Now the times are changing and I’m happy to see that finally schools are introducing sanitary products in girls’ bathrooms. Laws are being changed and people have finally started taking a stand for period poverty. The Scottish government is the latest inclusion in the list of period poverty eradicators, but they are the first country to do so. There’s still a long way to go to help tackle period poverty and introducing eco-friendly period products is a step in the right direction.

Period Underwear could help to alleviate this issue as 2 pair of menstrual underwear could be used for a full period, month after month.  Not only do they help, but these natural period products have a positive role on the environment too.  

Although it’s easy to buy menstrual underwear online, having these menstrual products available in schools and colleges can make all the difference for the female population. The issue of available period products around the world is a hot topic these days, and I’m glad that finally, voices are being raised to resolve the issue once and for all!

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