What are Yoni Eggs?

What are Yoni Eggs?

For thousands of years, women from Eastern cultures have used yoni eggs to awaken their sensuality and reclaim their sexual power. For the uninitiated, yoni eggs are egg-shaped semi-precious stones that are carved for the purpose of being inserted into a vagina. The term “Yoni” is Sanskrit in origin and is used to refer to a woman’s “sacred space” otherwise known as a vagina.

In Eastern cultures, a woman’s sexuality is revered for its importance and ability to bring forth life. In fact, for the longest time, yoni eggs were a best-kept secret of the Royal Palace of China. The highest-ranking women associated with the palace would get jade eggs to put inside their yoni to awaken their most sensual selves. Fast forward to today and the secret is out—more and more British, American and Australian women have discovered the benefits of yoni eggs, sometimes referred to as vaginal weight lifting, and are looking to claim them for themselves.

Yoni eggs work by infusing the vagina with the benefits of the semiprecious stone and also by giving the vaginal muscles something to grab onto during Kegel exercises.

Here are some benefits that should interest you: 

More and Better Orgasms

Sex is never complete without the ultimate bliss kiss. If you have constantly struggled with achieving orgasms, you may want to try yoni eggs. Yoni eggs help you to strengthen your pelvic floor, which may result in better and more frequent orgasms during intercourse.

Post-childbirth Recovery

Some moms have been known to use yoni eggs to strengthen their vaginal and pelvic muscles after giving birth. If you’ve been struggling with snapping back into shape (down there) after birth, consider enlisting the help of some love eggs.

Boost your Sexual and Life Energy

As a woman, taking charge of your sexual power and sensuality makes you feel powerful, desirable and in control. This not only translates into a healthier sexual appetite but in increased creative energy as well. You’ll feel charged to take on the world, and this means that your entire outlook on life will change as well. Yoni eggs will translate not just to better sex but a better life as well.

Eliminate Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a challenge that numerous women struggle with, especially after childbirth, or as you progress in age. You can alleviate this problem by taking more control over your nether regions using yoni eggs. Yoni eggs put your pelvic, cervical and vaginal muscles to work, which helps you clamp down on an unruly bladder. You’ll no longer have to worry about peeing your pants when you sneeze or laugh.

Increased Vitality and Sensitivity

When your vagina is strong and healthy, the rest of your body follows suit. Your vagina is at the core of your being, and it’s from this core that everything else flows. Have you been feeling downcast about your body and your life in general? Do you find it hard to be excited about things? Try the yoni eggs. We’re not saying that yoni eggs will fix all your problems. But when you boost your vitality and sensitivity from within, you’ll find yourself deriving more pleasure during intimacy and from life as well.

If this has made you want to try out your very first yoni egg, then remember that medium-size eggs work best with beginners. Smaller eggs may easily slip out and larger eggs are best used after you’ve mastered your skill on medium eggs. You may choose to buy an entire set of different sizes so you have a wider selection to work with.

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