Reasons To Switch To A Period Underwear

by Nisha Singh on November 29, 2021

Here are the main reasons to switch to period underwear. These reusable period panties are eco friendly, easy to use and affordable too. Read our Menstrual Underwear FAQs to learn more about period underwear!

Period underwear has over the years become more popular, and this leak-proof underwear is a great alternative to pads, tampons, and other common period products. Offering you a safer user experience whilst saving you money, period panties are a great investment for your endometriosis, incontinence, or menstruation, or any person looking for the best postpartum underwear. There are numerous reasons people opt to switch to menstrual underwear for period protection. Period underwear is a very eco-friendly alternative, rather than utilizing disposable products every month. Moreover, most people do not like the discomfort of stuffy pads and plastic touching their skin. Also, there are several health concerns associated with disposables, which utilize heavy chemicals that can be harmful to the human body. Here, we are going to take a closer look into how to pick the best period underwear for women. Also, we’ll look further into the different features you should consider when picking period panties and offer you our top recommendations for the best women's period underwear available today.

What Is Period Underwear?

Nowadays, there are numerous types of period products you’ll find out there. As you look for one that works for you, you might come across period underwear or menstrual underwear. Any woman who menstruates will find these undergarments very useful when it comes to protecting themselves during the monthly cycle.

The underpants have several layers of premium quality microfiber polyester. These look like regular underwear, but they are made to keep the moisture away from the skin by soaking the menstrual blood.

The fabric menstrual panty contains a moisture-wicking fabric comprising thousands of tiny filaments. The fibers trap the liquid to keep it from leaking into your clothes. The underwear’s layer usually includes Lycra and nylon and features a liquid-repellent film to guarantee protection.

Top Reasons To Switch To Period Panties

Originally starting just as a niche proposition, period pantie have now gone mainstream, with LYRA Bamboo becoming one of the most reputed brands you can find in the market today.

Today, there’s an extensive range of period underwear available in the market, from boy shorts to thongs, but what if you are still uncertain about ditching tampons and disposable pads in favor of period panties?

You may be surprised to learn some of the benefits, and not just from the sustainability viewpoint.

Here are the main reasons you should give period panties a go…

1. Leakproof Underwear

If you’re using period panties for the first time, then one of the biggest concerns you have are the leaks. As the user, you want some assurance that you will not experience any kind of embarrassment when using menstrual underwear rather than regular protection methods. To reduce the chances of leaks, you need a crotch width that’s wider than the regular panties. In case the crotch area is very narrow; it might leak into the pants. Wearing period underwear with a wider crotch is the same as wearing pads fitted with wings instead of a narrow crotch.

Another important thing to consider is the absorbency ability of period underwear. You want to find out the number of tampons worth of the fluid that a panty pad can absorb to make sure they are leak proof and suitable for heavy flow. The less absorbency needs you to change the period underwear after every few hours to avoid leaks. In the same way that you could have to change your tampons or pads every few hours, the same will be required if you choose the pair of period underwear that has low absorbency. Furthermore, the high absorbency period panties give you extra comfort for several hours, meaning you never have to worry about constantly changing the period underwear throughout the day.

Some popular brands such as the Lyra Bamboo have small absorbency of 4 tampons and are great for women with light or medium flow. If you have heavy flow you must consider an alternative like Organic Cotton Period Underwear that has about 6 tampons worth absorbency in the leak-proof panties. This gives you the peace of mind you need the entire day, no matter how heavy your flow might be. Most of the brands available in the market today, including Lyra Bamboo, supply panties with the same crotch width as the regular underwear. On the other hand, the Lyra Organic Cotton period underwear usually has a much wider crotch area by more than twice of regular underwear. This helps you avoid leaks and all the concerns while on the go.

2. Wear Period Underwear For Extra Comfort

If you choose to wear leak-proof underwear then there’s nothing that can be worse than feeling uncomfortable the entire day. However, there are a few essential factors, which affect your comfort level, including the waistband, breathable material, the underwear’s thickness, and speed of absorption. In case the blood isn’t quickly absorbed; it will start feeling wet on the skin, making you feel very uncomfortable. The Lyra Organic Cotton absorption is a test that’s proven to be much faster as compared to other renowned brands because the top layer usually comes with high-quality moisture-wicking material. The fast absorbency rate ensures you’re always protected and also comfortable the entire day. Moreover, you will want to wear period underwear, which feels the same way as regular underwear and is not very thick to be seen through the clothing you’re wearing. Today, most brands including Lyra Organic Cotton Period Underwear, offer underwear with the same thickness as your regular panties and have been made using breathable fabric. It means you can wear period underwear the entire day without necessarily feeling too stuffy and hot.

When picking the right period underwear, you want to find a great waistband. In case the waistband is very thin, as it’s the case with high waist undies, you will find it rolls down to the waist and isn’t comfortable to wear. Basically, with regards to your comfort, you want to make sure the period panties are treated well to avoid any odor. Although tampons or disposable sanitary towels utilize heavy chlorine chemicals to avoid any bad smell, the period underwear could offer you a more healthy way to avoid such odors. Some brands do not show whether they are anti-odor, which means it’s always best to stick to ones that do, such as Lyra Bamboo Period Underwear.

3. Portable

As it’s the case with any kind of period protection, if you’re outside the home for a long day at school or work, you need to know exactly how you’ll be changing and storing the worn panties. During the period’s heaviest time, you want that fresh and dry feel the entire time you’ll be at school or work. Nevertheless, you need to think deeply about where you will put the worn underwear after you’re finished with the first pair of the day. Some brands might leave you with no options, but you might have to use disposable plastic zip bags that aren’t a discreet alternative like many women would want and cause a terrible odor. One of the main reasons you should switch to a period pantie rather than use a tampon or disposable pad is for various environmental concerns. You never want to undo all the great work by then utilizing plastic bags every time you use new menstrual panties.

However, most period underwear for women options available today in the market such as do not come with period pouches. Essentially, this means you might have to depend on disposable plastic zip bags that are not the best alternative to store on your handbag.

4. It’s Convenient

Period underwear can easily absorb several pads or tampons worth of blood. Based on the flow, you could wear them the entire day, without necessarily having to worry about carrying extra sanitary products.

On the other hand, some people prefer using period underwear alongside the tampon or menstrual cup as an option to the common pad. No matter what you choose, you’ll still be minimizing the number of disposable products you could use, and can wear the pants the entire day.

Another major concern if it’s your first time using the period underwear is the changeover process. Many of us have gotten used to using pads or tampons that are fast and reasonably discreet for you to change. You might also be concerned about changing the menstrual underwear outside your home because you have to remove your hosiery, pants, shoes, and then the panties you used, only to put these all back again. This can be a little embarrassing and also time-consuming, especially if you’re at work, yet you want to have a fresh and more dry feeling the entire day.

One of the best things you’ll like about the best period underwear is that they eliminate the hassle of having to remove everything to change the underwear. On every side of the menstrual underwear are hooks that allow you to conveniently and quickly change them over during the day when you’re at work or school.

5. More eco friendly

For starters, the eco-friendly aspect of period underwear is undeniable. In reference to the Absorbent Hygiene Product Manufacturers Association (AHPMA), about 11,000 disposable menstrual products are utilized in the lifetime, with about 3 billion used in Australia each year.

That’s lots of energy utilized for the production of tampons and pads, and lots of waste will have to go to the landfill, plus, the products usually end up washing up on the beaches as well as polluting the sea. On the other hand, period underwear can be easily washed and then reused for up to 5 years.

6. A Cheaper Option

According to the latest survey, an average woman spends over $4,000 on disposable menstrual items in their lifetime. It might seem like you must pay more for the period pantie, but eventually, if you chose to buy the period underwear, you’ll have saved lots of money.

When they were initially introduced, period underwear was pretty costly, but with the launch of more brands within their price ranges, prices have significantly gone down.

7. Simple To Wash

With a menstrual pantie composed of different fabrics, the care instructions usually vary from one brand to another, but washing is very easy.

Some of the available period underwear can be washed by hand and then air-dried, although others need a cold washing machine cycle. Some require a fast rinse before putting them into the washing machine on the regular cycle. Always ensure you check before buying, to find knickers that are convenient for you.

8. They Are Liberating

Wearing a period pantie when you are on your period is often called ‘free bleeding’ a great reminder that the period can naturally flow from your body.

You can wear them while swimming too, considering your period isn’t very heavy and you are wearing period panty that’s well designed to ensure they are swim-proof, there is no reason you cannot go swimming in the knickers.

Some women might find the pads a bit too bulky or fiddly and that pads do not feel comfortable after they insert and put them on.

How Period Underwear Work

Technically, period panties work in the same way as the regular panties do, but with extra absorption setting them worlds apart. Perfectly designed menstrual pantie should not feel different to the body or touch, but they must include an extra fabric layer that can work instead of a tampon or pad or offer extra protection to avoid any leakage.

How To Use Menstrual Undies

The first thing you should do is to wear one. Secondly, you can breathe easily and even forget about them. However, in all seriousness, one of the most important factors you should know about period pantie is convenience, and exactly how you choose to use these largely depends on your personal preferences and needs. Although some women look for extra protection to avoid disaster stains during busy days whenever the menstrual flow is pretty heavy, others look for worry-free workouts and REM cycles, and period panties can help give them peace of mind.

How To Care For The Period Underwear

The first thing you should consider doing is to take off the period pantie (you should never wear them for over 24 hours). You can then run the undies in cold water. After most of the blood has been cleaned from the gusset, you can then put them together with the regular laundry load on a delicate wash cycle. Also, you can put them in the delicates bag to keep them safer in the washer. Because of the high-tech design of the fabric, you will want to hang dry instead of the tumble. After the period panties are nice and dry, you can then fold them and bring them into the next moon cycle.

Who Should Use The Period Pantie?

Any person who menstruates can use the period pantie. But it’s always important that you understand what you can expect if you aren’t used to the free bleeding, a term that’s commonly used in describing when a person menstruates without using tampons or other period products.

Period underwear does not stop the flow of the period blood. In case you use it; you’ll feel the menstruation flow, which could be unsettling to some people initially.

Also, some women use the period pantie alongside other common period products such as menstrual cups or tampons to add an extra protection layer. But you could also use period underwear without anything else. Some brands usually come in different absorbency levels, so you could choose the pair that works best for you depending on your flow. Most of the available pairs of period underwear are highly absorbent. However, if you’ve got a heavy flow, it’s always important to check regularly to see whether you should change them.

Major Health Concerns On Period Panties

If this is your first time utilizing menstrual underwear, you may have some health concerns surrounding the product. You should make sure that the new panties are treated against bacteria; else they might start to smell and eventually leave bacteria on the panties crotch. With a few products, you will still see the blood stains after washing the underwear, which is a great sign of poor quality period underwear. Some of the brands do not show whether they provide antibacterial protection, something you should always be concerned about. Lyra offers teen period panties and antibacterial adult panties that offers you the peace of mind you need about your health when using period underwear.

Maintenance Of The Menstrual Underwear

If you’ve been using C-section underwear postpartum, sanitary towels, disposable period products, panty pads, or other pregnancy essentials, you may still be concerned about washing and maintenance of period underwear. Technically speaking, you want the underwear to be machine washable and can be easily dried in a day and worn again in the same period cycle. With an average period cycle that only lasts 6 days, a pantie that can dry within one day is the best option, because you can still wear it at least 3 times during the cycle. Many period panties have 3 to 4 layers of material, which makes them much harder to dry. If the period panties do not quickly dry after washing, you’ll have to purchase more leak-proof panties for your entire period cycle. Also, you might experience an uncomfortable feeling within the crotch pad area after you wear these again, as even though it may feel dry, the product's layered areas might not be completely dry yet.

Today, only a few products available in the market can be machine washed and then dried within a single day. Also, you will not risk feeling uncomfortable the entire day with the damp crotch, which might leave you feeling more self-conscious as you go about your day.


Our Top Recommendation For The Best Period Underwear

Now that you already understand what to look for when it comes to the best period underwear for women, it’s very easy to know how to pick a great pair of period underwear for teenage girls. Lyra Bamboo Menstrual Underwear ranks top for all the categories listed in this article, mainly because it solves almost all the issues you might expect period underwear to.  These period underwear are available in different sizes, ideal for teen girls through to plus-size women. The young girls will feel more confident when wearing the teen period underwear to school every day because they are more discreet with an included anti-odor protection. The good news is that you’ll also save money by using this type of protection whilst reducing stress from incontinence or monthly periods.