5 Best Yoni Eggs -Top Guide For Women In 2021

by Nisha Singh on November 29, 2021

Looking for the best yoni eggs? Need expert opinion? We’ve reviewed and ranked them so you can pick the best one that fulfils your  needs. We’ve handpicked and listed the top-selling yoni eggs.

Finding it hard to choose a great yoni egg? Or you don’t even know what a Yoni egg is? We perfectly understand such problems because we’ve gone through the yoni egg research process ourselves, which is the reason we’ve put together a detailed list of the best yoni eggs available today. After several hours of looking and using all the available models, we’ve listed the best yoni eggs of 2021.

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What Are Yoni Eggs?

For starters, yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning a sacred womb. The origin of yoni eggs can be traced back over 5000 years. The original model was initially made from jade. Nowadays, you’ll find yoni eggs that are made from various types of natural stone and also from synthetic materials.

Today, in Asia, using the yoni eggs also known as crystal eggs, kegel eggs, or jade eggs is locally known as Vaginal Kung Fu. Nevertheless, you don’t have to spend years mastering kegel exercises with the yoni egg. The straightforward, clench, and release technique is very easy to learn.

Kegel exercises have been shown to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor. Women who often experience sexual dysfunction or incontinence will greatly benefit from strengthening the muscles. Also, Kegels are highly beneficial to women before and after giving birth. Nevertheless, any woman who does kegel exercises can enjoy the benefits of a strengthened pelvic floor. A strong pelvic floor is pretty helpful especially with improved bladder control and more intense orgasms.

The yoni eggs are great stones often used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The good news is that you don’t require any equipment for you to do Kegels, but the yoni eggs are like dumbbells for the vaginal muscles. In case the muscles are very weak; flexing them doing some Kegels can help make them a little bit strong. However, to be truly strong, you need the help that weights provide, just like with other muscles in your body.

History Of Yoni Eggs

As mentioned earlier, the origin of yoni eggs can be traced back over 5000 years to ancient China. The Chinese emperor had secretly requested the empress as well as the emperor's concubines to use yoni eggs to strengthen their vaginas. Also, the ancients believed using the energetic aspects of various stones like Jade in a woman will greatly enhance the body’s energy and hence preserve vitality and youthfulness.

Nowadays, the sacred usage of yoni eggs is still pretty common, with celebrities and other famous people using them and women from across the globe discussing the benefits of yoni eggs. Millions of women have most recently celebrated the progress they’ve been able to make using the jade eggs for tightening and strengthening the vaginal walls even after giving birth. Others enjoy the health and spiritual benefits brought about by these eggs.

5 Best Yoni Eggs Reviews In 2021

Yoni eggs have been around for many years, but they have become increasingly popular over the past few years. We’ve picked our 5 best yoni eggs to help find the top quality yoni eggs for your personal use.

1. Nephrite Jade

First on our list of the best yoni eggs is the jade egg. This is the yoni egg you should choose if you’re looking for one that connects your passion and heart. It’s a yoni egg that has been said to bless everything it touches and is one of the most sought-after products for over 6000 years.

This yoni egg balances the body fluid and is highly beneficial for your general health, especially for the reproductive system and kidneys. It’s an extremely protective, balancing, calming, and grounding stone that promotes health and self-love.

Available for only $49, you can rest assured that you’ll get real value for money if you choose to buy this yoni egg.

It’s a perfect yoni egg for regular practice and wear. We strongly recommend using this stone if you’re a beginner.

The nephrite jade is one of the kindest grinding stones you’ll find out there today and is purely devoted to the owner. It’s a very gentle stone intended to encourage and protect peaceful energy in your heart and also throughout your body. Jade is a love crystal. It’s very supportive of new love and is said to increase fidelity and trustworthiness. This crystal is perfect for women who are overcoming sexual trauma, healing from illnesses, and those highly sensitive to energy because the nephrite jade hastens emotional and physical healing processes.

Buy Nephrite Jade here.

Pros And Cons


  • Ideal for prolonged wear
  • It’s a heart-opening stone
  • Helps cleanse unwanted energy
  • With proper care, it can last a lifetime


  • Not ideal for pregnant women


2. Rose Quartz

If you’re looking for the best love stone then look no further than Rose Quartz. It’s by far one of the most essential crystals for the Heart Chakra work. This incredible pink stone opens your heart to absolute love, romantic love, love of friends, love of family, and self-love. Since it’s a type of quartz, it has great energy, but its amazing vibe is also ideal for soothing and calming.

One of the best things about this natural stone is that each crystal is unique mainly because they are cut from 100% natural stone and the color usually varies. The good news is that all the yoni eggs you get from us are made from top-quality Rose Quartz and are thoroughly inspected before shipping. The only gems we store are those that are ideal for internal usage.

This is the stone of relationships and love. If you’re looking for more love, then this is the stone you should buy.

The stones are available in three different sizes, small, medium, and large. If you’re a beginner, we recommend you start with the medium stone or purchase a pair of three.

Buy Rose Quartz here.

Pros And Cons


  • Helps improve circulation
  • Good for the health of the female reproductive system
  • Unique stone


  • Not ideal for women with preexisting health conditions

3. Black Obsidian

The black Obsidian egg is a very powerful tool for strengthening pelvic muscles whilst improving the root chakra. The obsidian is a popular volcanic glass that’s nonporous, smooth, and hard. The Obsidian cleanses root chakra because it helps with connecting and grounding to the earth. It’s a perfect yoni egg for women seeking to further appreciate their body’s strength and wants help to remember their purpose in life.

The black obsidian stones come with incredible energies and help symbolize resilience, truth, and self-control. It’s a very protective stone and is ideal for completely removing negativity. Generally, the Obsidian helps protect from abuse and is often used for cutting the attachment cords to eradicate old patterns. It’s a very healing and grounding crystal. As a fast-acting and powerful stone, it can be used with regard to healing.

It’s described by many as a stone of truth, mainly because it helps bring unpleasant memories and negative emotions to the surface to assist through the healing of emotional wounds.

If you’re a beginner, then we strongly recommend you start with a medium Obsidian stone (30x43mm). However, if you aren’t sure exactly what you need, then we recommend you buy all three, small, medium, and larger sizes. Our Black Obsidian package includes all 3 sizes.

Buy the Black Obsidian here.

Pros And Cons


  • Reduces PMS symptoms
  • Increased vaginal lubrication;
  • Brings about increased spiritual enlightenment
  • Reduce sagging of bladder, rectum, and uterus


  • Not beginner-friendly due to very strong effects


4. Amethyst Yoni Eggs

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and free your sex goddess by connecting with the incredible energy of Amethyst yoni eggs. These vaginal stones are perfectly designed for supercharging your kegel exercises and will have you unleash your divine power as soon as possible. The Amethyst bestows great spiritual understanding to reach ultimate perfection and a state of bliss upon you.

The Amethyst is jam-packed with a powerful, sensually awakening vitality, whereas the well-designed egg helps tighten your vaginal muscles to stimulate better orgasms and increase lubrication thus skyrocketing your pleasure. The vibrations of these eggs bring contentment and spirituality, superbly representing every principle of total metamorphosis. The Amethyst yoni eggs are usually associated with chakra where divine essence gets into your being with the energy of composure and serenity. Having the amethyst makes you feel like a queen.

The Amethyst yoni eggs are meant to be used inside the vagina to help improve kegel exercises by creating resistance and acting as a vaginal weight.

You can also use these eggs for spiritual and meditative practices.

Buy Amethyst Yoni Eggs here.

Pros And Cons


  • Awaken feminine energy
  • Strengthens pelvic floor muscles
  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Heightened orgasmic sensations
  • Kegel enhancement


  • Not to be used by expectant women

5. Opalite

Step into the improved spiritual purification through the great power of Opalite. Adding opalite to your yoni egg practice won’t just supercharge and strengthen your vaginal muscles, but it will also cleanse your spirit, body, and mind.

As your yoni egg slowly opens up, a novel sensual realm, you’ll enter into a state of empathy and compassion, connecting spirit, body, and mind. This great stone helps improve your psychic vision, insight, and intuition. It greatly helps enhance your psychic powers and unblock vitality.

Furthermore, opalite balances and enhances mental abilities with intuitive and creative thoughts. It helps you to see the bigger picture as well as make informed decisions whilst at the same time helping reduce stress. Opalite helps display negative thoughts and energy, allowing you to be spontaneous, and joyful.

As yoni eggs offer spiritual purification, these crystals are excellent for use during medication to improve visionary states, particularly on meditation retreats. They help stay in alignment with a singular path and set clear boundaries.

Buy the Opalite Yoni Eggs here.

Pros And Cons


  • A crystal of noble intentions
  • Resonates with third eye and crown chakras
  • Encourages creativity and spontaneity
  • High durable with proper care


  • Not be used by pregnant women


Benefits Of Yoni Eggs

The practice of utilizing yoni eggs works on 4 basic aspects: spiritual, energetically, emotional and physical. This helps know your body better, control your pleasure, be secure about your sexuality and take good care of yourself.

Mental Healing

Yoni eggs usually help treat psychological suffering because of traumatic sexual experiences such as miscarriage, abortion, rape, and others. They are usually developed to work via positive energy and are made by tone materials.

Hormonal Balance

A yoni egg is known to balance a woman’s hormonal system and reduce painful menstrual periods, premenstrual syndrome, and menopausal symptoms. This is achieved through the stones' healing elements and improved blood flow into the vagina that’s created by the egg.

Strengthens Perineal Muscles

The usage of yoni eggs often involves flexing various muscles of your perineum to tone the muscles and also increase sensation. Also, the yoni eggs can prevent incontinence issues by strengthening vaginal muscles.

Self-Confidence And Pleasure

Yoni eggs usually help open sacred femininity. This helps contribute to a person’s well-being by promoting more relaxation to your pelvic region and allowing for deep intimacy within your body. Moreover, it stimulates sexual energy and also awakens the body for better and healthier sexuality.


How To Safely Use The Yoni Eggs

For starters, it's important to take note of the fact that a yoni egg isn’t a sex toy, meaning you shouldn’t expect incredible pleasure or orgasm. The practice of using the egg is a sensory and spiritual practice, which can help in perineal rehabilitation. So, you should always treat the yoni egg with respect to guarantee your safety. Here are some of the things you should consider to safely use yoni eggs.

Prepare Your Yoni Egg

The first thing you should do before you start using yoni eggs is to familiarize yourself with the egg. You should keep it as close to you as possible and even carry it in your hands to try and charge your body with its energy. Also, you can place it in close contact with your vulva with no penetration. Once you feel ready, you can sit comfortably in your bed, relax and breathe deeply.

Correctly Insert The Egg

A woman’s vagina is like a door that can be opened in softness and relaxation. It’s, for this reason, it’s always important to let the insertion work naturally without forcing the egg. Below are two ways through which you can insert the egg:

Try Some Stimulation

Start by caressing your body. Linger on the clitoris, lips, crotch, and breasts. You can even use a water-based lubricant or organic coconut oil to stimulate the body and also facilitate the insertion of the egg. You can then place the egg in contact with your vulva. To boost stimulation, you can place the egg while it's still cold. However, if it’s comfortable for you, you can then warm the egg in your hands. The vagina lips will open gently and you can then steadily move the egg inside the vagina.

Just Let Go

Just position the egg in direct contact with your vaginal lips, hold it with your hands or just slide in under the underwear. Then do nothing else. You should not try pushing the eggs inwards and do not try putting them inside yourself. Instead, you should let your body let it in steadily. We recommend this practice for younger women and beginners.

Here’s your guide on How To Choose Your First Yoni Egg.

Removing A Yoni Egg

The removal of a yoni egg should be done gently and in a more relaxed manner. Here is how you should go about it:

Lay Down, Relax And Release

This is definitely the best way to remove it. It’s a smooth process where the egg comes out gently and you’ll have sufficient time to retrieve the egg in your hand. With enough experience, you can then slow down the descent that requires high-level mastery.

Use A Cord

If you’re a beginner, then we strongly recommend starting with a pierced egg that usually comes with a cord to handle and remove the egg much easily. It's pretty reassuring to have your cord attached because it will be easier for you to retrieve the egg. However, you can also choose to use neutral dental floss as the cord. You just have to guide the egg and then gently pull it on the end of the cords. You should breathe, relax and allow the egg to easily pass through. After usage, you can then remove and throw the string away.

How Do You Choose The Best Yoni Eggs?

Are you stressed about finding the best yoni eggs? Do you keep wondering how to go about it? We understand, mainly because we’ve gone through the entire process of researching yoni eggs. This is the reason we’ve handpicked and listed the greatest yoni eggs available today. Also, we’ve come up with a list of questions you might have yourself. At Yourmoontime, we’ve done our best, but it's still important for you to do some research to find the best yoni eggs. Some of the questions you might have include:

  • Are yoni eggs worth it?
  • What are the benefits of buying yoni eggs?
  • What factors should you consider when looking for the best yoni eggs?
  • Should I invest in a yoni egg?
  • What are the best yoni eggs available today?
  • Where can I find more information about yoni eggs?

We are fully convinced that you’ll most likely have more questions than just about finding yoni eggs and the only way for you to satisfy your need for more information is to get it from renowned online sources. Potential sources could include buying guides for top-selling yoni eggs, product reviews, online forums, word-of-mouth testimonials, and rating websites. Mindful and thorough research is essential to ensure you find the right information about the best yoni eggs. Ensure that you only use credible and trustworthy sources and websites. Yourmoontime provides the top buying guide for yoni eggs and the information is completely authentic and objective.

Final Thoughts

Every woman wants to feel more strongly connected to her body, partner, and sexuality. We strongly believe you’ve read this article because you know all that is possible. The good news is that the best yoni egg is not just an attractive accessory that adds elegance to your nightstand. On the contrary, it’s a great tool you should use for kegel exercises and to maintain your health as well as well-being, have more fulfilling sex, and have better orgasms.


Best Yoni Eggs FAQs


Are yoni eggs safe?

Yes, of course! The best yoni eggs listed here are completely safe. Essentially, all crystals mentioned earlier in this article may even be a safer alternative than sex toys because they are natural and 100% free from artificial materials such as plastic and rubber.

However, we strongly recommend that you buy your yoni eggs from a reputable source such as yourmoontime.

Where can I buy yoni eggs?

As mentioned earlier, it’s always important to ensure you buy the yoni eggs from a reputed source.

Yourmoontime is one such source that you can trust. They source genuine top-quality crystals to make exquisite yoni eggs.

How will you feel after using the yoni egg?

Exactly how you feel after using a yoni egg varies depending on every person. Some women might feel extreme energy shifts whereas others might not feel anything. It’s always important to remember that every energy system and the body respond differently.

How long should you leave a yoni egg in?

For beginners, it’s always important to start slow. We recommend only leaving the yoni egg in for between 15 and 30 minutes to feel it and also feel how your vagina responds.

As time passes by, you can increase the duration depending on your experience.

Is the yoni egg practice harmful?

No. The perception that the yoni egg practice is harmful or dangerous comes from a lack of understanding and knowledge about the practice.