3 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Menstrual Hygiene

how to maintain menstrual hygiene

Maintaining menstrual hygiene is not just a sanitary concern. It is incredibly important to help women safeguard their bodies integrity, dignity, and overall life opportunities. 

Menstrual hygiene is not an isolated matter. It is connected to every single girl and woman in every corner of the world. In the spirits of raising awareness around this topic, here are 3 helpful ways women can maintain their menstrual hygiene.

Using natural period products can make a world of difference for your personal hygiene. Most pads and tampons are made from cotton, which also have several plastic components in them. We also know that pesticides are heavily used in cotton production, which makes these pads unfit for vaginal health and hygiene.

Pads and tampons can give some women painful rashes, and the dreadful possibility of ‘toxic shock syndrome’. Since it’s also hurting the ecosystem once you dispose them away, it’s better to switch to organic bamboo sanitary pads instead.

They are simple to wash, ultra-hygienic, and easy to change. Bamboo is a new comer in the sanitary affair, but it’s actually a wonder fiber. It has natural anti-bacterial and anti-deodorizing properties. This makes USA organic bamboo menstrual pads the safest, most natural option to choose when you are on your periods.

These pads work extra hard to prevent leakage and have a bigger surface area with wings that firmly snap beneath the underwear. Free of chemicals and pesticides, bamboo menstrual pads will keep you comfy and stress-free all day long!

Another great way to avoid leaks and ensure proper blood flow all day long is by using period proof underwear. They are perfect for days when you’re not sure if your periods will start. With a stretchable, extra-wide, and comfy absorbent lining, USA period proof underwear is made from natural fabric.

It keeps you dry down there while promoting aeration for a long period. They’re also a great option if you suffer from light bladder leakage. The fabric is cushion-soft and holds up to 20 ml of menstrual fluid! Given that one period-proof underwear is equivalent to 2 tampons, you really shouldn’t be wearing those heavily-treated commercial products.

Period-proof underwear is super-clean, hygienic, and prevents bacterial growth down there. They’re a thousand times better than using disposable pads and will give you peace of mind.

In recent years, a growing number of women are opting for menstrual cups. Not only are they BPA-free, but they are also a safe option for clean, stress-free periods.

The vagina has a very sensitive balance of bacteria, which is why you should avoid commercially made pads or tampons. USA reusable menstrual cups are a hygienic and sustainable option with a minimal carbon footprint.

Free from phthalates that can harm the reproductive system, menstrual cups can offer leak-free protection for up to 12 hours. And, the best part? You can easily save a good chunk of money by not buying tampons and pads.

Promoting menstrual hygiene is everyone’s responsibility. As women, we must raise awareness around periods so that more women can know how to look after themselves. Switching from pads and tampons to organically made reusable options will be one of the best decisions you make for your menstrual hygiene!

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