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3pc Period Proof Underwear

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Replace Tampons and Pads!

Our original, best selling period proof underwear will soon be your favourite daily pick. Perfect for the fight against unwanted leaks, nasty stains and embarrassment - so you can go about your day worry free

How do they work you might ask? Simple - our period proof underwear consist of our 2 layer moisture absorbent technology, which absorbs up to 20ml of fluid and allows you to move freely without feeling any wetness, discomfort or experiencing any leakage! The extra wide comfy inner absorbent lining stretches all the way from the front to right up the back.

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Our Period Proof Underwear are completely reusable! Ultimately saving you $$ and best of all lowering your carbon footprint on our beautiful earth!

How to care for your underwear

  • Rinse under water until water runs clear
  • Place in washing machine for a 'Cold Wash'. Don't use any bleach or fabric softeners as this will affect the absorbency!
  • Hang to dry 
  • Now they are ready to be worn again 

Size Chart

Size Waist Hip
S 57cm-66cm 80cm-92cm
M 66cm-76cm 85cm-95cm
L 76cm-83cm 93cm-105cm
XL 83cm-89cm 105cm-110cm
2XL 89cm-96cm 110cm-115cm
3XL 96cm-103cm 115cm-120cm 

    For heavier flows why don't you pair up our Menstrual Moon Underwear with our ultra absorbent Reusable Sanitary Pads or our Moon Cup for maximum protection!

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